Reality Series

Steeped in history, our subject town was established in the early 1930’s as the town in which you could get a drink when you worked in the nearby mine. The mine residences were dry, meaning that alcohol consumption and other “adult” activities had to happen outside the mine property limits.  It was in this context that our town was born with its several bars and brothels. In its heyday, the area had a population of 5,000 people.  Today, its population is zero.  It is a literal ghost town.  Lately, our town has been sold to an ambitious new owner — eager to transform the town back to its former glory.  It’s a vision that is hard to believe considering today it’s a dilapidated place, untouched since the 1960s.


Our show will be a competition between 4 urban-based groups who will compete to design and renovate the four main houses on the main strip in the town.  Each one will conceive, develop, and implement the renovation. The projects will be judged by a industry relevant panel and the winners will win a cash prize.


The dichotomy of the urban-rural divide will be very evident considering the closest lumberyard is a two-hour drive away, there are no paved roads for miles, and no local contractors. To say that these projects will be a challenge is an understatement.